Anyone using Squidoo?

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We had a question from a client this week who was looking to set-up Squidoo to run alongside their Amazon products, its not a tool we have used before but was interesting to find out more about it!

So whats it all about? Well Squidoo is, according to its creator, “In a nutshell, Squidoo is free space on the internet to use as you wish. Anyone can make a lens (a page like this) and have exposure on the internet.” 

Squidoo lenses get indexed very quickly by Google and you can place ads on your lenses which Squidoo shares the revenue with you. People visiting your lenses will see what your business is all about and in turn can drive traffic to your website. 

It just goes to show there’s always something new out there to discover, we’ll definitely be getting on board very soon! Check it out at