Managed WordPress and Joomla Website Hosting

At SWSweb we host websites for hundreds of our customers (as well as our own!), so we can provide affordable managed hosting for WordPress & Joomla sites.

We fully support, install and set up hosting for you, leaving you free to get on with what you do best, knowing your site is being monitored and protected 24/7.

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Why use our managed WordPress hosting services?

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Many businesses buy cheap hosting plans from GoDaddy and similar large hosting providers, often realising after the first year, the prices increase dramatically.

We've spent years dealing with all the major hosting providers on behalf of clients and finding their initially low prices don't live up to the performance or help and support most businesses need.

It's all very well if you know what you are doing, but if you're not sure how to install your website, how to make backups, or keep the server software up to the latest version to work with your site, you will eventually become unstuck.

Our service means we take care of that for you; we'll deal with your site migration, moving it to one of our UK servers (the migration is free!), monitor it 24/7, set up email addresses for you and ensure backups are taken and stored remotely.

Better than the big hosting companies

Check our case study that proves how much faster our hosting is compared to FastHosts, GoDaddy and other big hosting companies.

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Many big hosting providers store hundreds, if not thousands of websites on their shared servers. If one of them uses a lot of resources, yours can suffer. We cap the number of sites per server; higher traffic sites are hosted on dedicated servers, ensuring the shared servers host only sites that do not take too much resource. This gives your site maximum performance at competitive costs, often cheaper yearly than GoDaddy when SSL and backups are included.

All our managed WordPress hosting packages offer regular backups, free SSL certificates and domain name system (DNS) management; we aim to take the everyday worry out of web hosting at an affordable cost. If the hosting has issues, we'll fix it at no cost to you; plus, if you pay monthly, you can cancel with just 30 days' notice, but we hope that's never necessary!

We host all our sites in a cloud network, meaning it's easy to scale to help with peaks in demand.

  • Hosted in the UK
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Regular backups
  • Free domain name management (DNS)
  • Firewall
  • Malware & Anti Virus scanning
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring

And unlike the big hosting companies, we can support your website by making fixes, design changes and keep them secure with our complete website management services.

SWSweb's managed WordPress hosting services - plans and costs

For most sites the following charges apply, but we can tailor any server configuration you may need, get in touch for a quote.

Monthly Yearly

Perfect for an average WordPress or Joomla site.

  • Shared hosting
    (up to 2GB disk space)
  • Weekly backups
    (stored remotely)
  • SSL certificate
  • DNS management
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Malware & virus scanning
  • Firewall and DDoS protection
  • 5 email addresses
    5GB storage per mailbox

Great for larger sites or those that need more email addresses.

  • Shared hosting
    (up to 10GB disk space)
  • Daily backups
    (stored remotely)
  • SSL certificate
  • DNS management
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Malware & virus scanning
  • Firewall and DDoS protection
  • 20 email addresses
    10GB storage per mailbox

Ideal for eCommerce stores, or sites with high traffic.

  • Dedicated server
    125GB disk & 8GB RAM
  • Hourly & daily backups
    (stored remotely)
  • SSL certificate
  • DNS management
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Malware & virus scanning
  • Firewall and DDoS protection
  • Unlimited email addresses
    10GB storage per mailbox

All prices are ex VAT.

Please note, for very large sites/ecommerce stores additional costs may be included for additional resources (CPU, hard disk space and backup storage).

Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

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WordPress websites are the most popular sites found on the internet, with approximately one-third of all sites built using WordPress. Because of this, WordPress sites are also the most commonly hacked, so choosing the best WordPress hosting provider to look after your site and offer the best security is essential.

Our servers are built with WordPress in mind and utilise a specialist WordPress Web Application Firewall to help secure your site and increase its speed and performance.

Bundle hosting with our WordPress maintenance plan, and our WordPress experts will help ensure your site remains safe, secure, and fully managed.

Managed Joomla Hosting and Maintenance

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Although a smaller percentage of websites use Joomla, it remains one of the most popular Content Management Systems, especially for more advanced and larger sites.

Again using a specialist Web Application Firewall and servers set up to run Joomla sites along with a Joomla maintenance plan, we can help ensure your site remains safe and secure.

Hosting FAQs

WordPress hosting is designed to cater specifically to the needs of WordPress websites, offering features such as one-click WordPress installations, automatic updates, and server configurations optimised for the platform's performance.

It often includes additional security measures and support to ensure the smooth operation of WordPress sites, making it easier for users to manage and maintain their websites built on the WordPress content management system.

Managed WordPress hosting streamlines website management by offering optimised performance, automatic updates, and robust security measures.

With expert support, daily backups, and WordPress-specific tools, it reduces the technical burden, allowing users to focus on content creation. Additionally, its scalability accommodates the growth of WordPress sites, providing a hassle-free and efficient hosting solution.

Managed WordPress hosting offers specialised server configurations, server software updates, and expert support tailored specifically for WordPress sites, providing optimised performance, enhanced security, and streamlined management.

Managed WordPress hosting enhances site security through features like malware scanning, firewalls, and regular backups, ensuring that websites are protected against potential threats, vulnerabilities, and data loss.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure you will love our hosting, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And we'll be happy to perform a test migration so you can see how your site performs on our servers.