Is it worth doing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

Pay Per Click banner

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is where you pay for each click on your advertisement, whether that be on Google, Facebook or any other platform.

Although we generally direct customers to longer-term success with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It can take a long time for a website to start receiving visits from organic search results, in other words when someone types in a query to a search engine and finds your website at the top of the results page (SERPs).

If your website is struggling to be found on search engines, perhaps due to a lot of competition or it being new to the market, Pay Per Click advertising can be a quick way to get visitors to your site.

The idea is simple; you pay for each click. Let’s take Google as an example, using Googles Adwords platform you set-up adverts targeting specific keywords. If someone types into Google that particular keyword, your website will hopefully appear in the advertisement spots that appear above the organic results. If the person searching clicks on your advert, they are taken to your website (landing page) and Google charges you for that click.

Sounds simple but it takes time to work out what works, how much each click will cost and what works on your landing page to then convert that click into a sale.

PPC advertising requires a reasonable budget to really bring in visitors, especially if you are in a competitive market. It’s impossible to tell how much it will cost, and this is where time to try options out is essential. Will £20 per day be enough or £1000 per day? It’s different for every industry, keyword and ultimately what you are advertising.

We often find Facebook advertising can be a cheaper option than Google and enables you to narrow down who you target as Facebook knows more about its users and their interests than Google often can. But both platforms can bring in a considerable number of visitors to your website very quickly and easily, so long as you have a reasonable budget.

And with other options such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all having PPC options, you can be sure to find the right place to advertise your business.

Our PPC service can help set-up and run adverts for you, we monitor the activity, tweak adverts and ensure you’re getting the best results for your investment. And over time, if you take up our SEO service, we’ll aim to reduce your PPC budget with organic search results taking over.

Find out more on our PPC service and SEO service, or give us a call to find out how we can help increase visitors to your website.