Mobile friendly WordPress site developed for Pete & Pedro

Pete & Pedro screenshot

One of our maintenance plan customers, Pete & Pedro, asked us to help rebuild their existing WordPress website, giving it a fresh new look in line with their American site.

Although we usually work with our own designers Pete & Pedro have a US version of their site so wanted it to look as similar as possible, bearing in mind the sites work on different platforms, so on this occasion, we received the designs from their own designer.

We built the design into a responsive framework, Bootstrap, ensuring it works well on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

Its often tricky with a flat design working into a mobile-friendly website, it often requires some interpretation of the design, sometimes requiring the moving of elements around and even hiding them on smaller screens.

But after just under two weeks, the site was together, and with a final round of revisions to make sure all features worked as required the site went live.

It’s a big improvement over the old site and works beautifully on mobiles helping to maximise the usefulness of the site for mobile visitors, who are gradually becoming the bigger users of websites.

Check out the new site at