New Joomla website for corporate business intelligence company

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We’ve recently launched a new customers website using the new Joomla 3.1 system and making use of an existing template theme made the whole process straight forward for our customer, Shared Knowledge Solutions.

We were first contacted by Shared Knowledge Solutions a few months ago, they had an old static website and were looking for something easier to manage and that would give them the opportunity to refresh the look and feel of their website.

We recommended Joomla, a great open source Content Management System that makes it easy to update general webpages but has a huge set of features and functions to help promote your website. Although we are happy to design and build templates to give the website that unique look and feel, to keep costs down, we recommended using an off the shelf template. There are a myriad of companies out there designing great looking templates that are also responsive, meaning the website will look good on most devices, whether it be a phone, tablet or desktop computer. They really are a great way to speed up the whole website build process which saves time and money for us and our customer.

With a theme chosen, Elegant from JoomlaDesigns, we made a few tweaks and adjustments to make sure the logo would fit in and then set to work on adding the content in alignment with the team at Shared Knowledge Solutons. We kept the new website hosted away from their current live site ensuring we could all work on it together without affecting the visitor experience. As soon as we had sign off the new site was then made live and we’re now working towards phase two which will add further content and features.

Check out the Shared Knowledge Solutions website.