New website for local pub and restaurant

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We’ve recently finished a new website for a local pub & restaurant, The Three Mariners. They called us asking for help as they had a site with Talk Talk, but they felt it difficult to make changes and as we so often see they were stuck with them as the website wasn’t easily able to be moved away from them.

We sat down and discussed various options and in the end opted for a Joomla 3.1 website ensuring they have the very latest Content Management System which most importantly is portable, so if they decide to change hosting in the future they won’t be stuck. We also picked a pre-designed template to keep the costs down and simply made changes to update it to their needs.

The website is now live but will continue to undergo content changes but it already has a gig guide section where their live music acts are published and automatically unpublish the day after, a key element to keeping the site easily maintained. We hope they see continued success at spreading the word of their pub and restaurant with the help of their new site.

Check it out at