Political literacy learning platform for Shout Out UK

SOUK Education portal

We’ve recently created a political literacy learning platform for Shout Out UK, an organisation dedicated to teaching political literacy to students throughout the UK.

It’s been a fantastic project working with the team at Shout Out UK; we started focusing on a learning platform to enable students to take courses learning about politics. Teachers are able to see how students in their school are getting on, seeing reports of progress on assignments and quizzes as they progress through the various KS3, 4 & 5 courses set by Shout Out.

To make the platform more interactive, we incorporated a chat feature so teachers and students can talk about their understanding of the courses. The ability to run polls to gain an understanding of how the students are getting on and what else they may like to learn about is also a great feature.

A student union area is also available so each school can nominate, via polls, who in the school should be elected as president, treasurer and any other role each school may like to nominate. This Student Union is a great feature to really get the students an understanding of how political systems are set-up and run.

The platform has lots of other features, such as a booking system for workshops, fundraising and an option for adult learners to also get a better understanding of politics. We’re sure it will grow further as more and more schools sign-up, we look forward to working further with Shout Out UK, a truly great concept.

The portal is for members only, but take a look at Shout Out UK for more on what this great organisation is getting up to.