Website build for Mirror Care

Mirror Care screenshot

We’ve recently completed a project for an amazing concept in elderly care, Mirror Care.

The idea is to use the latest technology to help their users (Carees) stay in contact with Mirror Care, either for a chat if they are lonely or to ask for help if something should happen. Sensors placed around the home also allow Mirror Care to check if, for example, the kitchen hasn’t been used for 24 hours, so perhaps the Caree hasn’t been earting.

It’s a great way of helping elderly people remain in their home, rather than going into a nursing home.

We were delighted to build their website for them, following a design provided by an external designer, Design By Pope which truly helps present how the concept works.

Utilising WordPress as the system behind the website ensures the team at Mirror Care can easily make edits to the pages. And with strong security and performance enhancements included within the site build it will work well for them in the years to come as the business grows.