Web support services to update an existing website

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We were recently contacted by a new customer who had had a website built by another company, unfortunately, not all the work they required had been completed so asked for our help in finishing it off.

The website had been built using WordPress and an off the shelf theme so it was an easy job making content updates, however, one area they really wanted was to have a slideshow play a video as soon as the website loaded. The website is for a young piano prodigy, Shane Thomas. In order to give the website some instant wow factor we edited together a 1 minute long video from a recent DVD that had been made from Shane performing.

Using an enhanced slideshow system that plays videos as well as static images we were able to make this happen, storing the video in a newly created YouTube channel, it plays as soon as the website loads and once it finishes the slideshow moves on to other slides.

We also helped edit an audio CD, allowing visitors to play just 30 seconds of each of Shane’s songs, ensuring in future when the album is released people can’t listen to it all on the website!

We’re sure Shane will have a long career in the music industry and look forward to working with him and his father keeping the website up to date with events, news and other changes as when they are needed.

Check out Shane’s website at http://shanethomas.co.uk