Why our WordPress hosting outperforms what the big players offer

Website servers for hosting

The WordPress platform offers extensive benefits, including flexibility and adaptability as your needs change, plus it’s user-friendly, even for beginners, with plug-ins to extend functionality and mobile responsiveness. But if you are using the self-hosted version of WordPress, which we recommend as it’s the most flexible and extendable version, you will need to find good quality hosting to ensure your WordPress site loads quickly.

When you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for hosting your website, it can be tempting to think about the bigger providers, such as GoDaddy or IONOS, which often attract clients with seductively cheap welcome offers for the first year. But always check what the costs will be after that first year. You may be surprised how much it goes up and the extras you need to add on to get the most basic features like an SSL certificate or regular backups, both of which are now essential.

There are a number of reasons why our fast-performing, managed hosting for WordPress sites can work out as the more affordable, effective solution in the long run.

With managed WordPress hosting, you can look forward to advantages over managing your own hosting, including:

  • Your site is migrated free of charge – moving from another host; we’ll handle the migration at no cost
  • Server software updates – keeping the server up to date and moving your server to the latest software so long as your website still runs, and if not, our website support service can advise what needs to be updated to make sure it stays current
  • Backup, backup, backup – making sure daily backups are run, essential if something goes wrong, your site can be put back online in minutes
  • Enhanced speed – this is a key aspect of how Google ranks site performance, and our servers are faster than the big players comparing cost for cost
  • Stronger security SSL included and installed for you
  • Improved scalability to meet your requirements as your website grows
  • Better uptime so more people visit your website more often and stay for longer
  • Access to customer support over the phone or email, and no annoying or expensive phone lines; we’re a local business and will answer or call you back the same day
  • You’re freed up with more time to focus on what you do best – running your business

How we helped Chameleon Works change its colours

Chameleon Works helps its clients to remain competitive as they change. We stepped in when their WordPress site performance slipped below par. We’d been maintaining their site without actually hosting it for a while, but after around a year, they were experiencing brief yet persistent periods of downtime.

There were also slow loading times – scoring, according to Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool, 61/100 on desktop and just 17/100 for the mobile version of its site. We turned these stats around to figures of 93/100 (mobile) and 100/100 (desktop).

Why Chameleon Works turned to us at SWSweb for hosting help:

  • We could access the hosting far more quickly than a third party
  • We have no more than 30 sites on our shared hosting servers at a time, so each one benefits from maximum resources – big hosting companies often try to cram hundreds of sites on a single server
  • We use the latest technology for faster performance
  • Our pricing structure is very similar to that of the larger companies
  • We can do direct migration with no downtime to your WP site

When we provide managed WP hosting, we also offer:

  • Page loading time that’s as quick, and usually faster than that provided by big hosting companies
  • Daily back-ups, often not included by the big hosting companies
  • Free migration to our services
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring so we’re alerted should your site go down
  • We include the SSL certificate to authenticate your identity and enable an encrypted connection

So if your website is currently running more slowly than you’d like, contact us to learn more about what our managed WP hosting could do for it and, ultimately, your business.