Why you should allocate budget to have your website managed

Website managed services

You can’t simply launch a website and then sit back and leave it; that’s just a false economy. It needs frequent updates and routine maintenance for consistently optimal performance. You also need management, involving looking after assets such as content efficiently and optimally.

So proper website maintenance and management are essential to providing visitors to your site with a consistently strong user experience.

Of course, it can seem tempting to save money by looking after this side of things yourself. But you can end up paying far more and losing hours of work with just a single mishap.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth allocating some of your budget for website management:

1. Fixing crashes

No website is immune from experiencing unexpected downtime at some point, no matter the size of your organisation. But identifying the root cause behind the crash (malware, hosting or coding problems, for example) is just half the battle.

The problem also needs to be put right. After all, for the whole time your site is not working, you’re losing traffic and prospective business – and, therefore money.

2. Site back-up

Ideally, you would back your website up every day, including all files as well as your database. Should your server crash or a hacker gain access to your site, your hosting company may offer backups, but how often and will they help restore it, or are you expected to restore the backup yourself?

3. Tracking the speed of your website

You lose business as soon as your website takes longer than a few seconds to load. (Statistics suggest that shoppers ditch their cart if a page takes longer than this to appear.) If you get your website managed, its speed is closely monitored, and optimisation is performed to ensure it’s running smoothly.

4. Application updates

Third-party Content Management Software (CMS) applications require frequent updating, as well as security reviews. If your in-house team has both the time and expertise to handle this, then great. Otherwise you need professional website management.

5. Security

An outdated website can leave your site vulnerable to a cyber security breach. Security is clearly vital to your business’s reputation, plus your relationships with customers – who will rightly expect you to handle their information responsibly. Any errors in your security can be hugely expensive to put right. A good management service will notice and resolve issues quickly, completing routine updates and regular server maintenance, while monitoring security intensively to lessen risk and give you and your users peace of mind.

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