WordPress job listing website build for Modern Barber Jobs

Mondern Barber Jobs screenshot

We aim to provide excellent service and ensure our customers are happy which is why a lot of our business comes from repeat customers.

That’s undoubtedly true of Modern Barber, a customer we’ve built sites for in the past who recently approached us asking for a new website in a joint venture they were undertaking.

They needed a website where visitors could search for jobs in the barber industry showing posts from all regions of the country, and ultimately it had to be easy to search.

As their existing website used the WordPress platform, it made sense to keep with what they know, and as a start-up business, they wanted to keep the website build costs down as much as possible with the aim to expand in the future, which WordPress does very well.

We chose a suitable theme and job listing platform and working closely with Modern Barber and their partner, The Barber Agency; we pulled their content together and made the site live within a few weeks.

We wish them every success with the new venture.