Are you ready for PHP8?

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What is PHP?

PHP is software that runs on Linux servers that websites are hosted on and is essential to running millions of websites.

PHP is regularly updated, and every two years or so, a major release is added, replacing an older version. But as it takes time for a new release to stabilise the older version, PHP 7 continues to be developed and security patches fixed.

But once the new release is stable, the old version reaches end of life, which is happening to PHP 7 in November 2022.

Why should I care?

Website platforms such as WordPress and Joomla must keep up with the latest PHP software. Old code needs to be rewritten to work with the new software, which will have been improved upon and, in most cases, perform faster.

But also, the plugins, extensions and themes your website uses will need to work on PHP8. If they don’t, it may mean replacing them or, in extreme cases, even rebuilding the website to ensure it continues to work.

What can you do to help?

Our hosting and maintenance package customers will have their sites thoroughly tested for PHP8 compatibility. And where possible, we will fix issues, but if you are not already a customer and your site needs testing or updating, please get in touch for PHP 8 support.