How WordPress support could benefit your website

WordPress support services

The open content management system WordPress is the easiest and most popular way of creating your own website or blog. So it’s hardly surprising that this solution powers nearly half (more than 43%) of all online sites. Put differently, well over a quarter of all websites you visit are likely to have WordPress behind them – although that could be a conservative figure.

Essentially, the world’s most popular web platform makes website building accessible to anyone, including those who aren’t developers. Anyone can use or modify the relevant software free of charge. And you can manage key aspects of your site, such as content, without any programming knowledge or experience. 

It’s also versatile, as well as user and SEO-friendly, secure and completely customisable. WordPress was once used primarily to build blogs. But, these days, thanks to changes to the core code, plus its ecosystem of plug-ins and themes, you can use WordPress to make any kind of website. 

The benefits of WordPress support

The easy setup, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that WordPress will always be easy to run. Here are some of the reasons your website could benefit significantly from WordPress support: 

Mitigate potential security issues

WordPress generally is pretty secure. But its popularity is a weakness as well a strength. The platform can be a magnet for cybercriminals. Hackers can potentially install malware, alongside ad injectors, targeting your customers or brand reputation by exploiting some plug-ins’ vulnerabilities. 

Or there’s even the potential for ransomware – where you have to pay (a lot) for a decryption key to restore access to website visitors. 

A professional support service will strengthen your site against possible attacks while helping you steer clear of risky plug-ins. And if you do get an infection, the service will be there to deal with it. 

Get help with regular updates

WordPress is regularly updated to sort out bugs and add fresh features. If you’re a newer website owner, this can feel rather daunting. Equally, there‘s a risk of permanent damage should things go wrong. What’s more, these upgrades are important since they often plug the holes which hackers use to target your website. Not only is a WordPress support service on hand to help if anything goes wrong, including restoring everything, but they can also show you how to back up key folders and files ahead of updates. 

Improving your WordPress site

You’ll want to update your WordPress site occasionally, whether adding customer reviews, linking in a social media feed or adding new features. As mentioned, there are many different plug-ins from which to take your pick, but make the wrong choice, and you could be worsening rather than enhancing your website. 

A support service can advise on the most appropriate plug-in for your needs. They’ll then help install, configure and customise it, so it’s the perfect fit. 

Better all-round performance 

No one hangs around for a slow-loading website. Speed is also a ranking factor, so poor performance affects your ratings with major search engines and your volume of organic traffic. There are various ways to optimise your site, and a specialist service will help. 

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