Bespoke web design build for Health & Beauty Spa


An existing client, Sarah got in touch with us recently about a new website for her new Health & Beauty salon project. We’ve worked with Sarah for several years on two other sites, also salons, and were delighted to quote for the new website build.

As a new website she required a bespoke design, our graphic designer was bought into the project to create two designs based around a logo she already had.

We came up with various colour schemes and layouts and settled on a large bold design with clear options for treatments. A booking system was also required, we opted to use WordPress as the system behind the site along with a great booking plugin we have used before which is designed specifically for salons. By using an off the shelf booking tool, we can be sure of future upgrades and can save a significant amount of money than building something bespoke for them and maintaining it in the future.

The site was completed in time for the Christmas go live, and we remain on standby for any future help with updates and changes as needed.

We wish Sarah and the team at Serenity a successful time ahead with their new venture.