BTS R0 Study Buddy iOS & Android App


Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) is an existing client of Simply. Website Support. We work with the team to maintain their website through our monthly maintenance plan. They are a team of highly qualified and experienced Financial Advisers, trainers and programme managers who help businesses and individuals with cost-effective methods to achieve success in the exams leading to a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

BTS wanted to provide their clients with a digital solution to studying. They came to us with an idea for a new app and asked for help building the BTS R0 Study Buddy.

We built the bespoke app on two platforms, iOS and Android. We only make apps using the dedicated code of each platform, using XCode for iOS and Android Studio for the Android version. Using this method ensures the apps behave and act like apps, rather than single platform software solutions which we feel makes end apps feel more like a website.

The BTS R0 Study Buddy was released in late 2017 and provides a new way of practising for the Chartered Insurance Institute R0 exams, increasing a student’s chances of passing a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning exam (R0s) at the first sitting. The app can be downloaded for free and used to run test papers, with full exams (100 questions) being available as paid downloads.

The app has a host of features which:

  • Replicates the CII exam standard, as much as possible, in an electronic format
  • Able to mirror the time pressure that you experience in real exam
  • Includes challenging question styles, such as confusing or unclear language and grammar, and double-negatives
  • Includes questions that appear to have more than one correct answer but are not multi-response
  • Includes questions that appear to have no correct answer
  • Allows you to choose the exam you sit
  • Complete full specimen exams
  • Focus on specific Learning Outcomes
  • Marks the paper for you: no need to cross check with an answer grid
  • Provides feedback on what you got right and wrong, and WHY!
  • Highlights areas that require further development
  • Allows you to practice as and when you have time
  • Complements other BTS R0 support