Convert website builder website to WordPress

Children's Flight Chaperone screenshot

In December 2019, we were contacted by Children’s Flight Chaperone a service to provide chaperone’s for children travelling on their own around the world.

They had a previous website with a reputable Website Builder, but numerous problems were stopping them from fully marketing the site as it had too many issues.

From the start of the project had Search Engine Optimisation issues, image alignment across different screen resolutions had caused problems and meant what was initially promised couldn’t be delivered.

After almost of year of going back and forth Michelle from Children’s Flight Chaperone got in touch and we recommended converting the site to WordPress. Because we already had the design, layout, and all the content was ready, we could use our minimalist mobile-friendly framework to quickly copy across the existing website into a unique WordPress theme.

Ensuring all pages worked as required, along with showing images across different devices to the right size, position and dimension, we completed the build within a couple of weeks.

After the recent go live the site is already appearing higher in search engines and the problems the site had have been fixed ensuring Michelle and her team can get on with promoting the service and running the business, we wish them all the very best and will be on hand if help is ever needed.