Convert Wix website to WordPress

IGC London screenshot

Although we support various website platforms, systems such as Wix look after themselves, you pay for their platform and support so its not something we generally look after for customers.

However, it’s amazing the number of times we hear Wix, Weebly, Square Space or any number of other website platforms don’t allow customers to add certain functionality or aren’t as easy to use as people first thought.

A recent project was for IGC London, a great golf society for any golfer to enjoy some of the best golf courses in the South East of England.

They had been using Wix as a website builder for several years but found it difficult to add certain functionality such as Gift Cards and although initially good value for money the yearly pricing kept increasing.

We worked with IGC London to rebuild their site on the WordPress platform, keeping the look and feel very similar but adding the functionality they needed.

Although every platform has its pro’s and con’s WordPress is so widely used you can always find support, whether its our own ad-hoc WordPress support, or any number of WordPress forums free with a simple search on Google.

And because so many websites use it, approximately one third of the world’s websites, if you need a new feature or functionality you’re bound to find a company developing it for a very small yearly license or a lot are free.

We will be helping IGC London if needed, but have also provided training on how to use and update the website and wish them all the best with the future of the golf society.