Improve website performance

Red Mist Leisure screenshot

One of our customers, Red Mist Leisure, was concerned with the speed of their websites. Performance is an important area of improving search engine ranking so well worth taking some time to look at ways to reduce page load time.

We performed an audit of their nine websites to give us a baseline of how long it took to load, as well as various technical issues that could be fixed. We highly recommend using the GT Metrix system to provide a free report on areas it thinks can be adjusted.

Along with our SEO audit tools, we were able to see all aspects of website technical issues and found several areas where improvements could be made.

In the case of Red Mist Leisure, their website design company had incorporated several scripts which delayed the loading of the web pages, as well as share buttons going out to third party sites which slowed loading down considerably.

Fixing these items, as well as changing a few server settings improved the performance dramatically. We’ll continue to monitor the sites and plan to re-work the website themes to be more mobile friendly, hopefully cutting more unnecessary code from the sites but for now its a vast improvement.