Toolkit set-up for government department, Local Partnerships


We’ve been working with the team at Local Partnerships for around a year now helping with newsletter and website updates. When they asked us to help build them a toolkit to help prospective councils and planning departments to evaluate their delivery capability we were delighted to get involved.

Essentially the toolkit is a quiz asking questions and then grading the answers from one to five to give a result rating various factors in how well they perform.

Based on this scoring feedback is provided and if the user would like more information or to arrange for help from Local Partnerships they have the information to hand and their email address submitted for future mailings on the subject.

Although the scoring mechanism was a little tricky to get working initially after a successful pilot the toolkit is now firmly in place on their website and getting lots of good feedback.

We’re looking forward to working on more toolkits using the same set-up over the coming months.