Website build for web and print designer

Denise Pope screenshot

A designer we’ve worked with on various projects asked us to help rebuild her website. Although a straight forward WordPress site, the design elements she wanted to include made it a tricky build, but we’re all delighted with the end result.

Design by Pope is run by Denise, an excellent print and web designer, she wanted to showcase her work as well as the various brands she has worked with.

Normally we work with designers on behalf of the client to get a website design looking just right but with Denise designing the site herself it made it a simple process to see exactly what she wanted straight away.

There were some complex requirements, one was making sure she could colour any element of a post about a clients job based on the work she had carried out, whilst making sure it was still easy for her to manage and add content in future.

Different mobile and desktop headers, as well as different layouts for various pages when on a mobile made for a detailed build but one that has worked out really and Denise is delighted with.