Website update for cleaning company

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We recently received a request for our website support and maintenance services from a cleaning company in the North West of England. They have a WordPress website built a couple of years earlier and needed just a small amount of help adding their new company logo and refreshing most of the pages with some new images and layouts.

With website maintenance a fundamental part of our services we were only too happy to help Breanheath.

After a phone call to discuss their requirements and a good look around the website we estimated two hours would be needed to give the main webpages an update which included obtaining new images more suited to their business.

Some of the pages also have the text laid out a little differently to how visitors often expect it and although that works well on some pages with only a small amount of content, it wasn’t helping on those with more, so where possible these were also updated.

Along with the addition of a new logo and some tweaks to the WordPress theme to allow it all to fit after just two hours we had everything updated. Thats not to say there isn’t more that can be done, we’ve already recommended some more changes when budget permits but for now its good to have it refreshed and inline with their new logo.