Website update for Tarnock Garage Ford Dealership

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We’ve just finished refreshing an existing website for Tanock Garage, a Ford Dealership in Somerset. The team at Tarnock Garage were in need of a website update so found their way to us and we’ve been working closely with them for the past few weeks getting everything up to date from the content to the images as well as the design. 

Although we love to build our own website designs this one was a theme they found at JoomlaDesigns which we then helped adjust to fit their needs. This is proving to be a much more cost effective way of updating a website as the design process can often be a time consuming and therefore costly way of building a website. With so many great theme designers out there selling the theme’s from as little as £20 its really a no brainer on how the whole website updating process is changing.

We’ve included a system for easily adding special offers and new cars to the site and this is our first site using the new Joomla 3 Content Management System, which is certainly a huge change on the older versions, but it works really well. We hope Tarnock Garage will see the benefit of the new website and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the analytics to see how its going.