What’s Included in Website Maintenance Packages?

What’s Included in Website Maintenance Packages

With 28% of all business conducted online, a fully functional and secure website is essential given the digital transformation many sectors have undergone in recent years. 

At SWSweb, we offer a range of website maintenance packages to make it simple for companies to maintain a professional digital image constantly. You will have likely heard of this web essential but may not understand the various elements that are covered under this umbrella term. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Website Maintenance?

The term website maintenance refers to the task of keeping a website running optimally. Technical SEO, Security, User Experience, Design, and Functionality are covered within the function, along with maintaining integration performance with other software tools. 

Having a plan for constantly monitoring a website’s performance ensures that issues are rectified efficiently. With something as minor as a broken link on a page having potentially damaging consequences to customer experience, website maintenance is highly important.  

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance?

To maintain strong cyber security  40% of UK companies suffered a security breach in 2022. One of the main goals of website maintenance is to ensure security controls are operational and to assist with implementing wider security measures to mitigate risks.

For continual strategic alignment with objectives – This can cover anything from a branding update to a new function that ties into a product proposition. Websites must be frequently updated to ensure they can facilitate top-level objectives. 

To allow a website to run at total capacity – Website maintenance works to resolve any issues that may be hampering the full potential usage of a site.

For improved brand perception – With 88% of customers saying they would not return to a website if they had a bad experience, ongoing maintenance has a huge part to play in representing a brand positively. 

What Steps Can You Follow to Maintain a Website?

The best way to keep a website running smoothly is to stay on top of the maintenance tasks. To achieve this, we have developed a service offering which includes all the vital components. This includes daily backups, content management, system updates, performance management, website design, and security protection.

Our top tips for ensuring success are the following:

  1. Create a plan which breaks website maintenance tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual projects.
  2. Choose a professional web support agency to ensure consistent maintenance operations.
  3. Plan your budget with website maintenance taking high priority.
  4. Stay on top of trends that affect your industry, as this will dictate the expectations of your website.

How Much Should You Budget for Website Maintenance Costs?

The cost of website maintenance can differ and will depend on the size, spec, and purpose of your site. We always say to clients that the cost should be factored into any IT budget and should be representative of any growth you want to achieve.

Our own packages start from just £39 per month.

Website maintenance has the power to set your website soaring to the top of search results thanks to clever optimisation and strategic content management. Please do contact us today to find out more.