Which WordPress maintenance package is right for my website?

Which WordPress maintenance package is right for my website

It may feel relatively simple and user-friendly, but in reality, the open-source content management system WordPress is a pretty sophisticated platform with quite a lot of underlying source code. And, as with any other software, it will only remain stable, secure, and in good working order with frequent maintenance. 

WordPress receives regular refreshes, with new updates typically released monthly to enhance the platform’s performance and security. So to keep your WordPress site secure, you need consistent maintenance of your core code and any plug-ins you may use. 

You should also bear in mind that your hosting plan won’t necessarily provide the maintenance nor backups you need to keep your WordPress site current while maximising its uptime. 

Precisely because it is so ubiquitous, WordPress is commonly the target of hackers and viruses. So keeping your site up-to-date should be your first line of defence – doing so will also provide visitors to your website with a more positive user experience, including better speeds and performance. 

Choosing a WordPress maintenance package

Choosing a good maintenance plan will relieve the burden on your webmaster and free you up to focus on what you do best – running your business. Your time won’t be completely tied up with website maintenance. 

You may already appreciate that many WordPress maintenance packages are on the market, offered by both web-hosting firms and third-party providers. 

The WordPress plan you choose should cover the following: 

  • WordPress core version updates
  • Plug-in and theme updates
  • Customisations such as content editing
  • Back-ups for your site and its data
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and fixes
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Server downtime monitoring

Contact us for WordPress maintenance packages

At SWSweb, we’re WordPress specialists. Talk to us about which of our maintenance packages is suitable for your website. 

We offer three solutions: Essential, Pro and Dedicated. And our prices start from just £39 a month. 

Additionally, if you are a web design agency or a busy IT department running multiple company sites, we tailor individual plans – get in touch to discuss what you need and learn more about our multi-site discounts. 

Read about what is included with each package here and call us for an informal chat about which of our packages would best suit your requirements.