Wilbury Care Home website rebuild

Wilbury Care Home screenshot

Our latest build was a more straightforward job than usual. We were asked to rebuild an existing site precisely as it was, just on a modern platform.

Wilbury Care Home based in Hove, Brighton have had a website for many years and liked the overall design and content but were finding it harder to maintain and refresh the content. And following Google’s decision to index all websites based on the mobile content, the Wilbury Care Home site, like many other sites had found visitor traffic had reduced. Rebuilding the website to ensure all content could be indexed as mobile-first was essential whilst ensuring it remained easy to make edits.

To make sure it was as simple as possible to edit, WordPress was used with our usual mobile-first framework. Often with a website build, we spend time on the design work, but as this site was to be an exact copy, we could get straight to work building the site and copying over content and images.

A few modern improvements were made along the way, such as making it wider for desktop screens and re-working some of the navigation but the overall look is just as it was.

We hope the team at Wilbury Care Home find it an effective tool for many years to come.