NebiaUK Showers multilingual website build

NebiaUK screenshot

Nebia Showers have been around in the USA for many years but were a new concept to us when the owners of NebiaUK asked us to build them a copy of the US site, with a few UK changes, including the ability to have the site in different languages for the European market.

Our designer worked on a few changes to the design, but we could get started with the build quickly as it was staying reasonably similar to the existing US site.

Although the US site uses Shopify as its back-end website platform, we opted to use WordPress due to the additional requirements for order management and other features, which are more easily handled and cost-effective than Shopify.

As well as the site build, we provided copywriting to change the US wording and ensure duplicate content would not be an issue for search engines.

Although there are only two types of shower Nebia produces, there are numerous colour and height variations, so additional functionality to show the different range of colours was included with the shopping cart system, WooCommerce.

Another great aspect of the site is its ability to have multiple languages. Currently, only English and Italian but more languages should follow in future. With the translation system in place, this will be a simple task to automatically translate the entire site into more languages and then have a native speaker check through to ensure its accuracy.

We wish the team at NebiaUK much success.