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Joomla website support

What is Joomla?

The free, open-source content management system Joomla is for publishing web content online. Add the right extensions and its features include discussion forums, photo galleries, e-commerce and user communities.

A direct competitor to WordPress, it can be used for blogs and dynamic websites as well as online applications. Joomla also supports multiple languages and databases, while WordPress supports only MySQL and MariaDB databases.

In particular, Joomla comes with a number of inbuilt functions far outweighing the basics of WordPress, so it’s a more advanced CMS which particularly suits bigger websites.

Why might I need professional Joomla website support?

Joomla is one of the easiest content management systems to use. It’s a pretty robust solution and a good choice if you’re new to website design or development. After all, individuals and small businesses use it all over the world.

  • Security: Joomla is the second most popular CMS after WordPress, and unfortunately, hackers target it regularly. Proper support keeps your site secure with regular updates. Software vulnerabilities in outdated extensions leave your site open to hackers. Templates are extensions that alter the design of your website, and they also need regular updates.
  • Back-up: This is an important part of any website management. You need to be able to recover your data if you are hacked or in the event of any other accident or disaster. Back-ups also provide a history of your website’s changes, which can be useful when you are troubleshooting issues. Back up both your database and all files, and always complete a full backup before and after making any significant changes to your site. It’s also worth storing backups securely off-site. A professional Joomla support provider can help with all of this.
  • Maintenance: Have peace of mind of knowing that your site is up to date with the latest core codes and extensions installed. Regular reviews ensure that your site is running smoothly and at optimum efficiency. It can also be migrated as necessary to the latest Joomla version (currently Joomla 4).
  • Troubleshooting: Do you have the expertise and time to deal in-house with an emergency if your Joomla site is causing trouble? With professional support, any errors can be fixed right away.

How we support Joomla

At SWSweb, we have years of experience in running Joomla websites and are clear on the benefits of this platform, especially if you want a large website with multiple features.

Our comprehensive Joomla support solution encompasses hosting on high-spec, UK-based, fast servers, from installation to 24/7 uptime monitoring. We’ll also take care of things for which you may not have the time or skills in-house, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), visitor satisfaction and site speed.

We back up all our Joomla-hosted websites daily and store them remotely, allowing speedy restoration if necessary. We’ll install every update you need and test intensively to be sure the design and functionality are spot-on.

At the same time, we can help with design and development, whether you’re after a new build or a much-needed site refresh.

Finally, we know many of our clients find it hard to update web pages and post the fresh blogs that are so important to the search engine results. Let our team help you to tell the world about new products and upload all your new content and images.

We offer cost-effective maintenance packages, fast affordable Joomla hosting or ad hoc support services covering everything from template niggles to blog post adds, installing new features or updating your store – all from just £35 an hour.

Get in touch today. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you need, and we’ll take it from there.