Website management for Barton Willmore

Website managed services

Offering professional website services is vital for companies from all industries, but this need is only further intensified for those managing large numbers of clients who may not have the internal resources to manage the ongoing hosting, updating and security of client websites. Who is Barton Willmore? Barton Wilmore, now owned by Stantec, is a…

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Website management for The Rutland Group

The Rutland Group website

The Rutland Group is a long-established property development company. Due to the number of developments they build along with other interests, such as running events, numerous websites have been created over the years and hosted with different companies causing confusion about who is responsible for what and how each site is managed. It was time…

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Capel Military Show web design with ticket booking system

Capel Military Show website

The Capel Military Show is an annual event in the South East of England showcasing the best of military vehicles and reenactment groups. They had a basic website during the early years of the event, but after growing in visitor numbers, they needed something more modern and a way of allowing people to book tickets…

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Survivors West Yorkshire website redesign

Survivors West Yorkshire website design

Survivors West Yorkshire (SWY) is a male-focused counselling service based in West Yorkshire. They have had a website for many years but needed to make the brand stand out and have a modern look, so a new website was required. Why SWSweb for WordPress website design? We have worked with Survivors West Yorkshire for many…

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Chameleon Works website performance

Chameleon Works website

Chameleon Works helps leaders and teams within organisations to stay competitive whilst also delivering change. They have a WordPress website to showcase their work, but it wasn’t performing well. Often having downtime and being slow to load, a major issue these days with Google now ranking websites based on their performance. Why SWSweb? We have…

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