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Offering professional website services is vital for companies from all industries, but this need is only further intensified for those managing large numbers of clients who may not have the internal resources to manage the ongoing hosting, updating and security of client websites.

Who is Barton Willmore?

Barton Wilmore, now owned by Stantec, is a company that manages various town planners, urban and landscape designers, architects, and environmental planners. The company offers diverse services, including consultation websites for its constantly increasing number of developments throughout the UK.

What Cyber Challenges Did Barton Willmore Face?

Barton Wilmore had many websites for its client’s developments, providing the initial consultation proposals for local communities to understand the proposed developments being worked on. An excellent in-house team would build the websites, but the IT department was overwhelmed by the requests for changes to the hosting or the need to keep sites secure and up to date.

Hosting websites was needed for new projects, but using off-the-shelf hosting packages didn’t give them the support they needed when something went wrong. The team chose to outsource the website management as they did not have the expertise in-house, which meant that if things went wrong or quick changes were needed, they could reply on us to fill the knowledge gap or respond quickly to issues.

What Services Have SWSweb Provided For Barton Willmore?

SWSweb have managed more than 40 sites for Barton Willmore, allowing them to leave the ongoing hosting, maintenance and security to us while continuing to build and adjust sites as needed. Leaving the IT department to get on with the day-to-day computer services they needed to focus on.

The full management of these sites included Managed Hosting and Maintenance and support to ensure a streamlined and efficient performance at all times. Due to the wide variety of sites, these services were also tailored depending on the project in question, which means Barton Willmore benefited from bespoke support and assistance.

How Have SWS Helped Barton Willmore?

As well as supporting many websites, our team alleviated pressure from the in-house IT team, who didn’t possess the expertise needed to run the task efficiently. By allowing them to focus on tasks that suited their skill sets, our support benefited the business’s entire operations.

The IT team also selected to outsource the tasks of web hosting and security as a specialist company was preferred to the risk mitigation benefits on offer. The business also needed to be able to move quickly if a new opportunity arose, which our experts facilitated with no problems at all, with new sites being live in a matter of hours rather than having to wait for internal processes and the right people being available to manage the go-live.

Would These Services Benefit Your Business?

At SWSweb, we offer various website management services ideal for companies from all sectors. From SMEs to large organisations, our tailorable services can be mapped to your exact needs to eliminate responsibility and risk from your organisation.

To learn more about the big brands we have supported, check out our case studies. Alternatively, contact our team to find out more.

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Website managed services

Website management for Barton Willmore

Offering professional website services is vital for companies from all industries, but this need is only further intensified ...
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